Shoring System

Shoring is the process of supporting a building, structure or trench with shores when a danger of collapse or during repairs.
The main purpose of this type of work is to facilitate the construction bellow the ground level. When we need to execute new building with basement, we have to support the adjacent and the existing buildings, infrastructures, trenches roads.
The problem of providing stable retaining structures close to existing buildings or constructing watertight excavations can be solved in a number of different ways.

In case we need to execute deep excavation we have to use long pile or other types of shoring systems with a very long cantilever that’s we can use alternative types of shoring supports over waler beams.
2- Strut System

type - 1
Secant piles / cased secant piles
type - 2
Contiguous / Tangent piles
type - 3
Soldier piles / Berlin wall
type - 4
Sheet piles
type - 5
Soil nailing